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The VK CW Net is a place where you can check in easily and which is very flexible to any and all of the following needs:

  • You may only have a few minutes and want something that lasts only for a few minutes
  • You may have more time and even be wanting to have a QSO with someone
  • You may want to engage in receiving or sending QTC practice

The Net provides a regular meeting point where you can show other VK CW Operators that you are there without a long cumbersome procedure, and without the obligation to stay or to even have a QSO. You may just want to check in and out and see who else is around.

Time is daily every evening Monday-Friday at 0830 UTC on 7051.2kHz during Summer clock time.

During Winter Time two nets are held: 0930 UTC on 7051.2 and 0945 UTC on 3515kHz.

Check-ins from outside VK are also welcome if conditions allow.

Simple Procedure

Checking in to the VK CW Net is simple and fast. Newcomers are ALWAYS welcome.

1) Follow instructions by net control, keep it short, aim of formal net is to be over within 10 minutes or less
2) If no net control heard at 0830Z ask QNN? and be net control if able
3) Net control will ask for QNI, send only one letter to be acknowledged after which send your full call once
4) Net control will acknowledge you and ask you to standby <AS>
5) When no more check-ins net control will make one or more final calls for check-ins after announcing any important news
6) Net control will give QNS list of stations in the net, in the order they will be called up
7) Each station will be called up in sequence by net control, when you are called up you may:
A) If you have formal QTC, inform e.g. QTC1 CALLSIGN (message is for) if urgent say QTC1 P (priority) so you won't have to wait
B) If you have nothing send QRU or brief WX report and 73
C) If you wish a QSO with a station you heard in the QNS, request QSO with QSO CALLSIGN, net control will ask you to standby
D) If you wish to receive a practice QTC (also counts toward being qualified as a CWB operator) send "QTC?"
E) If you have any news, or short info, send it, but keep very brief especially if there are many check ins
8) To save time, Net Control will not send own call sign except at start and end, or after 10 minutes if net is longer
10) At the end of the Net, after Net Control declares QNF (Net now free for all) those who wanted QSOs can call each other and QSY or remain on frequency

Useful Q-Codes

Some useful codes for you to participate in this and other CW nets in general:

QNI - I am checking in
QNX? - May I leave the net?
QNX - net control giving you permission to leave
QNC - An announcement alerting all stations on the Net to standby for an "All Stations" message
QND - the Net is controlled, please communicate only with the Net Conroller
QNE - All Stations stop transmitting and stand by
QNF - End of Net
QNG - Please take over as Net Control Station (or QNG1 please make one CQ call for the net)
QNH - Your frequency is too high
QNL - Your frequency is too low
QNN - Net Controller. E.g.: QNN VK5EEE the Net Controller is VK5EEE, or QNN? Who is the Net Controller?
QNO - I am checking out

If you would like a full list of QN codes please see:
A long list of other Q-Codes is here (6 pages PDF):

As they are alphabetical, it is handy to have these nearby in case you hear a Q code you're unfamiliar with and want to know its meaning.

Net Themes

  • Mondays the use of your oldest rig is encouraged - Mondays is also the main net night, please try to take part on Mondays!
  • Tuesday slow speed to make newcomers welcome
  • Wednesday bugs and straight keys if you like
  • Thursday high speed net
  • Friday QRP stations especially welcome
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