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  • This is a simple E-list, after joining, you can send Email to gro.lliamee|3swenwc#gro.lliamee|3swenwc (yes 2 Es and 2 Ls)
  • Note that your E-mail address will NOT be visible to others on the list if/when you send an Email
  • Respect each other at all times, no bad language or behaviour will be tolerated (banned)
  • If your callsign is not obvious from your Email please introduce yourself when joining the list
  • Members of this list should normally also have joined the website
  • You can leave (unsubscribe) and (re)join (subscribe) at any time easy and simple
  • The join/leave link is included at the end of every email of the list and is also shown above

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

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