CW Bash

CW Bashes are mini activity periods to activate 40m during the evening.

The idea is still developing, and rules are subject to frequent change, so please check this page regularly.


To create a "cacophony of CW" a lot of QRM and activity all over the top of each other, to hone skills in picking signals out from among QRM, focusing, perseverance and patience! We hope it may sound a bit like 500kHz did in Europe in the 70s!


Days: Wednesdays
Time: 8:00pm-8:30pm Eastern (0900-0930UTC), (QRS, QRP, VK6, VK8, DX extended until 0940UTC see rules below)
Silence Period: 0915-0918UTC for 3 minutes, ALL stations must immediately stop, even in mid QSO, and continue only after the Silence Period ends. All stations can send only "SP" to remind others of Silence Period, or "QRT SP!"
Frequencies: Only a very narrow band is allowed! Currently 7051.3 to 7051.7kHz — subject to revision.
Objective: To have as many QSO as possible (see below for what exchange is required) within these 30 minutes.
Procedure: CQ (or CQB) three times, followed by DE and callsign up to 3 times, and K. Respond to stations you have yet to QSO (see below). Exchange data as per QSO section below, then resume CQ again.
QSO Exchange: On first contact with a station: QRK (Readability 1-5), QSA (Signal Strength 1-5) or RST, Name, Post Code. After the silence period, in the second half, a station can be contacted a second time for extra point, this time exchange report, name, post code and Weather (e.g. Sunny 22C). QSOs must cease in Silent Period "SP" (see above) and can resume after SP.
Results: Each full QSO counts one point {but see below}. At 0930Z a net control will call CQ VK CW NET on 7051.2 and take checkins. When called up one by one, you may optionally announce your final score e.g. QSO4 means you had 4 QSO exchanging the required minimum information as per above. Every participant in the Bash is urged to please check into the net at the end, whether or not you share your score, so we know which stations participated and as a means for all to say their 73.
Two periods: From 0900-0915Z and 0918-0929Z. You may work the same station twice, once in each period. For the second QSO in such cases, the exchange is just the WX.
**Extended Period (QRP, DX): From 0930Z-0940Z an extra ten minutes has been added to the bash, during which only QRP, QRS, VK6, VK8 and DX stations may call CQB, but anyone can answer them.


For stations in VK1, VK2, VK3, VK5, VK7 you count each full exchange of information as per above required, with each station, as one point. For stations in VK4, due to the SSB QRM from Indonesia, so long as that QRM is present, your QSO each count double as 2 points. For stations in VK6 and VK8 you count each QSO with full exchange of required information as 3 points.

If your exchange is interrupted by the SP (Silence Period) and you therefore have to cease transmitting mid stream at 0915Z, and you resume at 0918Z, you can complete that QSO with RST/name/ZIP(post code) and also WX — this QSO counts as TWO QSO — so if you are in VK1,2,3,5,7 you get 2 points, and if you are in VK4, 4 points, and if you are in VK6,8, you get 6 points for that QSO since it counts as two.

Silence Period

All participants must immediately cease sending in mid flow at 0915Z and resume only at 0918Z, and/or, upon hearing "SP" every station must stop sending until the end of the silence period. 3 minutes to rest your head, ears, get a drink…


In the first 15 minutes exchange RST (or QRK &/or QSA or Q), Name, ZIP (your post code), and from 15-18 minutes past the hour total silence (QRT, Silence Period), then continue where you left off at 18 minutes past, in the second part from 18-29 past you can have a SECOND QSO with the same station as in the first half, this time, exchange the WX (Temp, or Rainy, anything will do).

Have fun! Having fun in the CW Bash is compulsory, counting your points or boasting about them is voluntary, and beating VK5EEE when he is present with his loud signal and small callsign and sharp brain filter, is deemed, currently impossible!

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