About Us

VKCW.NET was set up initially by Lou, VK5EEE as a site to encourage CW Operation in Australia after arriving there and finding relatively little CW activity. It is not a club. It does not have membership. Joining the site and becoming a "Site Member" confers only the benefit of being able to view the site free of advertising, and to be able to use the forums. The idea of VKCW.NET is to provide a resource which can be edited by any who join the site, and this site is actually a wiki, with higher level administration by a number of stations who have volunteered to assist in maintaining the site (wiki).

Instead of encouraging CW activity based on membership or a club, VKCW.NET serves to promote various ideas and activities and to then share, adapt and spread those ideas. From learning CW, to CW Nets, from Emergency Communications to Forums, from highlighting various activities to providing an information resource, this is our purpose.

We are pleased to note that in its first year, this site has assisted in the growth of CW activities around Australia and further afield. Although started as VKCW.NET all CW Operators worldwide are welcome to make use of its resources. Due to the burden of having to approve those joining the site for those wishing to use the Forums and not see advertising, we initially limited joining the site to those in Region 3. However, as mentioned earlier, there is no club, no membership and no other benefit, those who have not joined the site can still read forum posts and all other content on the site.

Please make use of the links at the top and right of this page to find your way around.

**The site has now been opened to CW aficionados worldwide to join, provided you agree with the QTT core values. In this case, please register with username in the form CALLSIGN and be sure to update your profile to include at last basic information about yourself and your interests and a photo or image. For non-region 3 sign ups these conditions must be adhered to in order for an account to be approved. If you fail to do so the application will be rejected and for any subsequent registration attempt you will need to sign up using a different email address. After registering your account you should return to the site within a few days, login and again click the "join this site" link for the process to complete, if the "join this site" link is still showing on the right hand side. Please follow these requirements closely, thank you.

73 & 77 (Best Wishes and Long Live CW, Wishing You Many Happy CW QSO)


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