What is the meaning of 77?

I thought I'd put this page on the wiki, since the idea I put forward for a code for CW operators to use, was readily adopted by several CW operators world wide and has continued to spread.

Initially the idea was to have a code for "CW FOREVER" or "LONG LIVE CW". I found 77 would be suitable, it is 2 L's upside down as in Long Live, it is also MS joined together twice, Morse Samuel, perhaps. But it is an easy code, with others existing:

33, 44, 55, 88, 99 as double same digit codes. Others in use include 73, 72, 161.

Then 77 came to mean perhaps a bit more:

Long Live CW (Morse Code) and Wishing You Many Happy CW QSO.

A nice meaning isn't it?

If you use it and someone wants you to explain it, you can either spell out the meaning to them, as you understand it, or you can refer them to www.vkcw.net/77

Below I print the callsigns of stations heard using it on air, or seen using it in other media such as Emails, forums. This list is by no means exhaustive, but I publish it here because I do believe 77 will catch on more and more, and those who were among the very first to use it, may go down in history as early adopters and visionaries :-)

  • VK5EEE
  • W5BIB
  • N8AFT
  • VK4QC
  • HS0ZJF
  • VK4CU
  • VK2DLF
  • VK2CCW
  • VK2BJT
  • VK4BOW
  • VK4YD
  • VK7LCW
  • VK6RR
  • 5T0JL
  • KP3W
  • OE3KAB
  • DM5EE
  • S51WO
  • VK6YOT
  • DK8LG
  • W1EBM
  • VK3MNZ
  • ZL1NZ
  • VK2EBN
  • VK7MA
  • JL1MUT
  • VP2VPH
  • VK2IK
  • VK7AD
  • VK3RY
  • IK2LFF
  • VK1CT
  • VK3IM
  • PY1EPU
  • VK2JDR
  • 3D2AG
  • EI5JS
  • IZ2CPS
  • N7XM
  • KQ4MM
  • VK3DRQ
  • JR2IUB
  • VK4EI (YL)
  • N6TVN
  • 9M2AR [SK]
  • K3UT
  • G0LLX
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