CW in Australia

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This site provides information for CW (Morse Code) radio operators in VK (*) and lists numerous activities you can participate in.

These include CW Nets, the CW Calling Frequency, CW Bash and Emergency Communications as well as Message Handling, QRS slow speed activities, help for beginners and returnees and more. Check along the top menu for various activities and information. There is something here for every CW operator in Australia and the region.

If you see the Join this site button top right, please click it to join the site, it's easy and shows your support for VK CW activities and will enable you to be able to create and edit pages, and post in the forums. You may need to click it once more some days later to activate it after having logged in. But please be sure to use the required format for username when registering:

Create account as CALLSIGN otherwise change your Screen Name in your Settings to CALLSIGN or Name CALLSIGN

Usernames that don't include your callsign won't be approved and system allows screen name to be changed only twice

If you have comments or suggestions, we'd be happy to hear from you!

(*) Region 3 radio amateurs who are active in CW and support VK CW activities are also most welcome to join this site! Those outside Region 3 who register with username as CALLSIGN and profile including photo/image, and interests summary in their profile, and who agree with the QTT core values, are also very welcome to join this site.

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